Romantic ConceptsTM...Feel Good ComfortWearTM specializes in better women's loungewear and sleepwear. We are a California based company who manufactures domestically. Our concept is to design women's clothing that radiates comfort with soft fabrics and easy to wear styling. Our collection has been termed, "Feel Good ComfortWear", describing how it makes a woman feel when wearing our clothing. We only work with the softest quality fabrics that are easy to care for and machine washable. Pretty colors, whimsical prints and hand picked special trims to enhance each style. The simple styling is very versatile and compliments an everyday woman's wardrobe.

The Romantic Concepts' woman has a busy lifestyle and wants well-made clothing that is comfortable, versatile and easy to care for. After a long day she enjoys the comfort of the top and pant and wearing her cozy fleece jacket while reading a book or watching a movie or even traveling.

We wholesale nationwide to upscale lingerie boutiques, bed and bath
boutiques and specialty gift shops such as monogram shops and day spas.

Romantic ConceptsTM...Feel Good ComfortWearTM is for the everyday woman
who craves comfort in her casual lifestyle!


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